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User Agreement for the use of the Car Rental Thessaloniki website

Making a reservation on this website

A reservation (verified or not) does not consist of an agreement for car rental service. The agreement will be made during the rental period and will be upheld by law of the country in which it will be made.



The website and the attached reservation facility (hereinafter known as "the website") is owned and operated by Car Rental Thessaloniki. For usage purposes, the present terms and conditions "we", "our" and "us" are repeated to refer to Car Rental Thessaloniki. On your part, the use of the present website includes your agreement to be upheld by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the implementable terms and conditions, then you are not authorized to use the present website.

Data Protection

All personal information you provide when using the present website will be used according to our policy for the security of personal information.

Use of Reservation

The capability to make reservations via the present website is provided exclusively to make a reasonable and legal reservation for yourselves and those travelling with you. Incorrect use of the capability to make reservations may result, among others, in us prohibiting you access to this.

Property Rights

All of the trademarks, composed rights, rights to the database and all other copyrights of the significant information on this website (as well as its organisation and framework) connected to the underlying software code, belongs either to us or to our legal representatives. Without our previous written consent, you may not copy, print, change, publish, announce, distribute or sell or transfer any of the significant information on this website or any of the underlying software code in part or whole. Furthermore, the contents of the website may be "downloaded" for you to print or copy for your non-commercial personal use

Permitted use

You may use the present website according to the present terms and conditions and in every case, only for legal and befitting purposes which consist of abiding by all implemented laws, regulations and practice codes within Greece or other legislation according to where the present website is entered from.

More specific, you agree that you will not:

  • send, transfer or transmit any of information to or via this website which may be damaging, offensive, slanderous or by any other means illegal.
  • use the present website in a manner which causes or may cause damage to the rights of every third party.
  • make a non-permitted, false or misleading reservation.
  • use any software, method or interference software or attempt to electronically or manually interfere with the present website's operation or operability including the unexclusive implication of the prohibition to "upload" or create files containing destroyed data or viruses, by any means.
  • alter, modify or tamper with the depicted "style and feel" of the present website or its underlying software code.
  • go forward in any action which will create an unreasonable and asymmetrical large burden to the present website or to the relativity of its framework.
  • obtain or act to obtain prohibited access by any means to any of our networks.
  • use the capability to make reservations in a manner which interferes the capability for others to make.

By reservation of our entire rights, we have the exclusive right to:

  • cancel your reservations without informing you, and/or
  • deny you access to the present website if we believe (and this is up to our complete judgment) that you have acted in violation of the present terms and conditions.

Changes in the present website

We have the right to make improvements or changes to the information, the services, the products and every significant information on the present website or to permanently interrupt its operation without any warning. We may also modify the present terms and conditions at any time and this modification will be valid with the announcement of such terms and conditions on this website. Furthermore, following the modifications, usage of the present website on your part is considered as an acceptance to the modified terms and conditions.

Links to other websites

This website may contain links to other websites on the internet. This does not imply that we agree with all content of these websites, nor are we responsible for the information contained or is accessible via this internet network. Access and use on your part of these websites are your exclusive responsibility.

Internet electronic mail (e-mail)

Messages sent on the internet cannot be guaranteed as completely safe as they may offensive, be misplaced or be damaged. As such, we are not responsible for the correctness and accuracy of any message sent via e-mail on the internet- either being sent from us to you, or from you to us.


We cannot guarantee that we can present you access to this website without interruptions and without errors or that any information, element, content, software or other significant information will be free from programming errors, viruses, threats, spyware or any other damaging factor.


We will take all reasonable measures to secure that all information you send on the present website when you use the capability to make reservations to be secure and protected from every unauthorised access. Apart from this, however, we cannot guarantee that unauthorised access will not exist and as such, we are not responsible for any access to this information coming from unauthorised access.

Limited responsibility

In no event are we responsible for any direct or indirect, specific criminal, consequential, loss or damages of any nature which result from access or use of the present website either made by you or via your access to other internet websites linked to the present, as aforementioned, including profit or losses either by partially accepting or not, either referring to a violation of the agreement or not, damage (including negligence), responsible for the product or others, even if we have been informed of the possibility of such damages.

None of the present terms and conditions may exclude or limit our responsibility in the case of death or personal harm caused by carelessness or illusive perception.

Statement of service guarantee exclusion

The information, services and significant information published on this website may contain technical or typographic errors. Changes are made periodically to this information. Improvements or changes to the present website may be made by us at any time.

In relation to the suitability of the information, the services and the significant information existing on this website, we do not recreate any of it for any reason. All of the information, the services and significant information are provided "as is", without a provision of guarantee of any kind. To the highest degree permitted by Law, we do not accept a guarantee of services in relation to the information, the services and the significant information consisting of implied guarantees and agreements of marketing ability, suitability for a specific purpose, titles and non-violations.


You agree to pay us damages, defend and uphold us for any registered liability, loss, claim and expense (including legal attorney fees) in relation to any violation of the present terms and conditions on your part.


These terms and agreements contain all of the terms of your agreement to us, referred on your part by the use of the present website. Any other oral or written statement (including statements in advertising and marketing pamphlets published by us) is taken into consideration.
Use of the present website on your part, any material you "download" from it and the operation of the terms and conditions, is hereby upheld by implementation of the Greek and European union laws and you accept exclusive clauses of such authorization of the Greek Courts.

Driver's Certificate / License

In order to drive a rented vehicle, the driver must have a valid driver's license issued in a member state of the European Union at least one year prior to the start of rental or an International License.

Insurance / Deposit and Guarantee

 The car rental cost covers 24h Road Assistance, Third Party Insurance (T.P.I.) and Collision Damage Waiver C.D.W. is subject to an excess (deductible), which varies depending on car type-model and the leasee is liable for it.

 For this rental required a credit card(VISA,MASTERCARD) in the name of the driver for the amount of excess in order to be deposit as a guarantee.

C.D.W. Combined Insurance

PREMIUM Insurance Package

ULTIMATE Insurance Package


Deductible amount / Deposit

Deductible amount / Deposit

Deductible amount / Deposit

A – B – C – D

800 €

400 €

200 €

E – F – K – L – O – P – SW

1000 €

500 €

300 €

N – H – G – I9 – IA – I7

1500 €

750 €

400 €

Transport of the vehicle via ferry-boat is PROHIBITED without the company's consent.

 Combined Insurance C.D.W.

  1. The combined insurance C.D.W. fee (remitted) refers to the external parts of the vehicle (doors, fenders, hood and bumpers).
  2. Anything that occurs to tires, wheels, mirrors, windshield, the inside of the vehicle (seats, instruments etc.), mechanical parts and underneath the vehicle are NOT covered by the insurance.
  3. In the case of an accident and interference of another/other vehicle(s):
    1. When the driver-BlueRent a Car renter is NOT at fault (based on Court decision), he/she does not have any responsibility towards damages to any damage occurred to the vehicle.
    2. When the driver-BlueRent a Car renter is at fault of the accident, he/she is responsible for the external parts of the vehicle up to the amount of the excess and fully responsible for any other damage (glass, plastics, wheels, internal, mechanical parts, car bottom).
  4. In the case of an accident without interference of another/other vehicle(s):
    1. In the case a BlueRent a Car vehicle is involved in an accident ex. If it comes off the road, swerves, hits a stable object (tree or wall etc.) the driver-renter who has C.D.W. insurance is responsible for the internal damages of the vehicle up to the excess amount agreed upon, as well as the entire damages underneath the vehicle, destruction of plastics, glass, seats and mechanical parts.
  5. In the case of an accident, if it has been established that via the accident the driver-renter is in an alcohol-induced state or without a valid driver's license, the driver-renter is NOT covered by any insurance and is fully responsible for all BlueRent vehicle damages (internal and external) as well as that which results from any association to the accident.
  6. If the rental car is damaged by a car accident or fire, the renter/driver has to pay up to a maximum of 800€ for car groups A,B,C&D, up to 1000€ for groups E,F,K,L,O,P,R,SM & SW and up to 1500€ for groups N,H,G,R2,I9,IA & I7 towards the repair costs plus storage charges and loss of use, regardless of whether the renter is at fault or not. However, if Blue-Rent can recover these costs from a responsible third party, we will reimburse the renter.

    (Prices do not include VAT)

  7. In all of the above cases, it is mandatory to report the incident to the local traffic police department.

PREMIUM Insurance Package 

PREMIUM coverage package protects you in the event of damage to the windows/windscreen, mirrors/ headlights, hubcaps tires and wheels, Premium 24h road assistance and Reduces 50% your financial liability in case of damage to the vehicle as a result of collision or Car Theft.

ULTIMATE Insurance Package 

ULTIMATE coverage package protects you FULLY with zero participation in the event of damage to the windows/windscreen, mirrors/ headlights, hubcaps tires and wheels, Mechanical components, Chassis, underbody protection, Premium 24h road assistance and FULLY COVERS your financial liability in case of damage to the vehicle as a result of collision or Car Theft.

Age of Drivers

The renter/driver of the Blue-Rent must be at least 19 years old to rent the categories car A, B, C, D. Over 23 years for the categories E, F, K, L, O, P & SW and over 25 years for all the other categories.

Drivers who are under 25 years old or over 70 years old, are subject to a charge of € 12 + VAT24% / day fee known as a young driver surcharge. These extra fees will apply to drivers over 70 as well when permitted.

If you are over 70 years old or you are younger than 25 years old, please do contact us by mail or phone to be informed about the special terms & conditions that will apply to your car hire.


Delivery to locations other than Blue-rent offices and stations

This service is possible under agreement with Blue-rent Reservations department, please cotact us here. Please advise the car booking board at homepage to be informed on our offices and stations.


An advanced written authorization of the Blue-rent Retrieval branch is necessary in order to travel outside Greece or/and boarding on a boat.

Payment methods

Online bookings do not require any deposit. All of the above are applied upon your arrival to our offices.

Cash payments are welcomed but a credit card is necessary as a guarantee for the retrieval of the vehicle, for security reasons and camera traffic fines. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Payment of the car hire total amount is possible to be made by cash, credit card or/and debit card. 

Important notes:

PETROL POLICY / FUEL SERVICE CHARGE: The vehicle is handed over and needs to be returned with the same amount of fuel as when it was received. If this is less than what you received then the “Fuel Service Charge” service will be charged €10+VAT24% plus the amount of fuel missing.

LOST KEY: The lessee is responsible for the key of the vehicle and if this is lost it is not covered by the no-fault insurance that we provide.

FINES AND VIOLATIONS: All fines and administrative penalties arising out of the driver's culpability are fully payable by the lessee.

CLEANING OF THE VEHICLE: In case the car requires special cleaning (e.g. odour removal, contamination / animal hairs, dirty car/seat interior due to sand /soil or sea salts or liquid leakage etc.) once it has been returned, there will be a cleaning fee of €70+VAT24% for biological cleaning.

You should be aware that all cars have a non-smoking policy. Fines will be imposed if there is non-compliance with this policy.

Modification of Rental / Information

In case you need to amend / cancel your reservation please do contact us by mail or phone at +30 2310819990.